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The Value of our Third Party Administration (TPA) Firm

Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated is dedicated to providing outstanding service. We were founded in 1985 and are based in Sacramento, California. Our Philosophy is that the teamwork between "ASI" interacting with your accounting, investment and legal advisors will create the optimal retirement plan designed specifically for your company.


The rules and regulations of qualified plans are quite intricate. As such, Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated remains current with constantly changing legislation and marketplaces through staff education and cutting edge technology.


We are purely a fee-based firm. We sell no investments and we have no conflict with respect to where or with whom you choose to invest your funds.


Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated is a firm that offers a full range of services for your retirement program. Our clientele ranges from owner-only companies to large corporations.


Let us help you navigate your way to retirement!

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