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At Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated our entire focus is quality of service to our clients and their employees. We strive to create long lasting business relationships based on dedication, knowledge, experience and trust.


We have a solution to fit your needs with these essential phases of a qualified plan.


Plan Consultation- In this phase we review your goals, existing programs, budgets and constraints. We will then provide suggestions for the retirement plan that best fits your needs. You will always meet with one of the principals in the firm.


Plan Implementation- Once you have decided on a course of action. Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated prepares an IRS approved Plan Document, Summary Plan Descriptions, and assists in conducting enrollment meetings for participants. We do not sell investments, but will work closely with your Advisors to ensure seamless product for you and your employees.


Our ongoing services include:

• Preparation of Plan documents

• Preparation of Summary Plan Descriptions

• Plan amendment/services, discretionary and required

• Plan restatement services


Plan Administration- Each Plan Year, Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated will provide the following services and support:


• Annual compliance

• Contribution calculations

• Maintenance of vesting and service records

• Preparation and E-file Form 5500 and schedules

• Calculate required minimum distributions

• Assist in Compliance and fee disclosure

• Prepare required annual notices

• Process distributions requests and prepare forms

• Determine eligibility

• Produce 1099-R Form 945 and Form 1096

• Prepare participant loan documents

• Assist in annual audit report, if required

• PBGC filings, if required


If your plan is audited by DOL or IRS we are enrolled to work directly with them on your behalf to resolve any issues. You may not have to hire an Attorney/CPA to handle inquiries.


Our first-class service sets us apart from other providers. The electronic filling of the Form 5500 and 8955-SSA can be challenging for someone unfamiliar with the process. We upload all forms and audit schedules, and ask only you manually sign 5500 that we provide. ASI will validate, attach and E-file the returns on your behalf.


Atteberry/Searle, Incorporated cares about our clients. Our team strives to create long lasting business relationships based on dedication, knowledge, experience and trust.



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