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- 401(k) / 403(b) /457 Plan                                                           - Cash Balance/Combo Plans

- Cross tested/Tiered Plan                                                           - Defined Benefit Plan

- Profit Sharing Plans   



401(k) Plans- allows participants to defer a portion of their compensation into a retirement plan to defer federal and state taxes, and allow the funds to grow in a tax deferred trust.

403(b) Plans- allows participants of certain public schools, tax exempt entities and churches to defer compensation. May also provide for employer contributions.

457(b) Plans-  deferred compensation plan for State and Local governments, and certain tax-exempt entities.


Cross Tested/Tiered Plans- This arrangements allows plan sponsors to specify objective classes of employees such as owners, sales staff, office staff, and make separate contributions to each group. This plan is subject to annual non-discrimination testing and may not work for all employers. Ask us to review your situation to see if it works for you.


Profit Sharing Plan- This program allows the employer to make deductible contributions on behalf of the employees each year. The percent is not fixed, but is a generally uniform formula among the participants. This can be used as a component of a 401(k) Plan or as a stand- alone plan.


Cash Balance/Combo Plans- A type of defined plan that can provide very large contributions to owner/partners and is typically designed in conjunction with your 401(k) Plan. This type of plan can be used to target specific groups or individuals.


Defined Benefit Plan- This is a traditional pension plan where the benefit is expressed as a certain amount payable at Normal Retirement Age (i.e. 50% of your average monthly over your life expectancy). The employer is liable for the funding of the plan each year, and is also liable to make up investment losses should they occur. This plan should not be undertaken lightly as it represents a significant and ongoing financial liability. However, it can be a powerful tool for the business owner who is older and needs to make up for the loss of time where there has been no retirement program. You will work with one of our certified actuaries for this type of plan.



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